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All to often we forget about where our food comes from, and if the farmers are growing the things we eat with integrity or not.

In this special dinner I’m celebrating those who take the extra step locally in producing not only a honest quality driven product but delicious ones at that.

• Save the Date: April 4, 2016 | 7:30pm

• Location: Chaps Diner & Bakery 👉🏼 4237 S Cheney Spokane Rd. 

• RSVP starts March 29, 2016: (509) 624-4182

• Price: $150 + tax & gratuity (only 30 seats)

This dinner will feature 6 courses utilizing ingredients from our very fertile and mostly organic land of the Palouse. I’m partnering up with PNW CO-OP that only sources local non-gmo and mostly organic garbanzo beans, split peas & lentils. We will present their legumes in each course, that’s right even dessert. 

The menu will mimic the flavors of upscale Mexican cuisine. 

Guest will have the opportunity to also taste great Mexican spirits such as Mezcal, Sotol & Bacanora. 

Each course will be paired by local wine grower-producer John Morrow of Vduv Wines.

In continuing my collaborative efforts I’ve also partnered up with Jennifer Davis of The Scoop to make a “unique gelato” out of one of the legumes from the Palouse.


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